Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing to Worry about.

Thats the stand of government these days. What a sorry statement to make where people are dying from the deadly fever, or air passengers in danger as engines failing in mid-air or our neighbours air force is abt to cross in numbers of fighter jets we have.

NO NEDD TO WORRY, there is nothing to worry about. Thats the official stand of ur government .

Its such a sorry state that people, doctors are dying coz of the irresponsible behaviour of authorities. And instead of taking corrective measure .. ususal blame game and politics is going on.

Another example of Govt. apathy is the report which i saw in one TV news channels' site. It has listed so many incidents where one of the engines have failed in mid-air etc. Govts response "Nothing serious has happened". We should be so proud of our represntatives who wait something to happen to get their acts together. The Irony is "Nothing ever happens" we just get committe and some report after so long, nobody is interested anymore.

Worst is our national security, our neighbour according to a report will cross Indian airforce in terms of number of fighter planes. Govt. Response: NO need to worry we are thinking on it. I wonder what kind of idiots we chose every five years who does not have the brain to think and decide on Air Force modernization and our National Security for the last 25 years.

Man these are just few incidents that reflects how much the govenment is commited for our well being or shall i say thier on well being. May be thats what the perils are for having population of over billion. There are so many ppl here that it does not matter to anybody if some die or live .. the bottom line remains is We the People are fools!


Canary said...

:) Are you not taking the easy way out by just saying "We the people are fools" ..
I feel there are a lot of reasons to what is happening here.. It cant be just looked at the surface..
Maybe Rang de basanti was a step in breaking that surface and looking inside...

Abhinav said...

canary: Absolutely Not. We are fools coz we chose the same representative year and year on, some of us more educated ppl does not even bother to vote and then we do the best CRIB abt thhings.

And yea i agree RDB is a good example but it is successful only when WE stand and do smthing abt it.

MellowDrama said...

That sounds ridiculous na, am sure the folks up there can't possibly be as dumb as we think...or can they. Considering we voted em to power. The funny thing is the navy for starters has so many subs and ships that ought to have been phased out ages ago but they are still 'ragraoing' them and actually take pride in it! Dunno if Pak will beat us to the crunch, but we tip the scales in naval warfare in sheer nos:) Hey the island facing Ross is gone and Sports Marina in Port Blair still stands, anything else you want to knw?

shruti said...

after reading ur post just remember one line..

"behro ko dhamake ki jarurat padti hai"

and i think untill and unless, we cuitizens does not stand against it nothing can change the face of our country..

Sara said...

problems of democracy...hail communism!!!

SM said...

It is true ,there are so many people that no one values life.It makes me sad when media just wait for some thing bad to happen so that they can write a masala story.
The reason goverment being so lousy ,all the blame goes to the people who elect them.Democracy can never be successful in an uneducated country where half of the people do not have any idea what is wrong and what is right.

Canary said...

when's the next post due? :)

Xohra said...

Even if you chose someonelse altogether next election, would he be any different?

Xohra said...
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killer is i said...

Indian Democracy Sucks ..
Indian Govt. Sucks ..
We r not fool ..
there are 5 bad leaders outta which u can choose 1 .. so vote any1, u'll make fool of yrslef that u have done ryt thing ..
I believe that some young blood and intellegent pplz shud b in govt rather than those criminals and 12th pass coz of fake marksheet

Raj said...

We dont really have a choice, do we?

All parties are same once they are in power. Plus, sometimes its okay to tell the people that there's no need to worry to not cause panic among the people. But yes, they can only do it if they also say thing like "There was a problem. We have things under control now" once in a while.