Saturday, April 28, 2007

2007 is gone .. well almost half!!

Staying with my previous post. It seems like yesterday that i wrote it.

Time files!! Last four months have been a mixed bag for me, had my share of fun and slogging.

The most exciting thing to mention is my trip to Langkawi, Malaysia. May be i will do a post abt it later.

I hope to be regular from now on .. keep blogging!


Raj said...

Actually, only 1/3rd of the year is gone :)

Would like to read about your trip and see your blog updated regularly!

Akanksha said...

i agree wid raj.. would like to read abt ur trip

Abhinav said...

raj: 1/3rd yes but seems like a lot more. will try to keep it updated

akanksha: will do a post soon