Sunday, March 29, 2009

50th Post

To my surprise this is the 50th post in my blog and looking back i have mixed feeling considering the posts and feedbacks i have got.

I can't say that i would be regualr on my blog or to the blogging world but what i can definately say is  i would be in constant touch with my and other blogs i read.

I was in India last month and the better half of this month attending marriages, meeting old pals some after long 13 years. This trip was also speical because i got to be with my family for Holi ater good four years.

Later half of this month has been pretty busy catching up with work and my sudden trip to Phuket, Thailand. I will be writing post about my Phuket trip soon so do visit in day or two for some tips on travelling to Phuket.


Freeze said...

wow, my 100th post, and your 50th! Damn cool!

C'mon start blogging regularly! its nice to read other blogs when they update !

Raj said...

Hey, congrats! I hope you would write the next 50 posts really soon.

Wow! Phuket is a dreamy place. Let us know how the trip went.