Monday, June 05, 2006

The Place is called The DEN

Well as they say whats in the name and there is nthing much in the name .... Den is the name we (me and my roomie) has given to our new home.
Yea i shifted last week, my bro went back up north and finally i get to live the way i want to. I had found a bakra (or he has discovered me.. he he ), and after a days search we found a good house for a decent rent and walla last week i found my stuff in my new room. It was yesterday when i realized how much pain shifting can be...i started unpacking my stuff and man its so confusing to find new stuff in ur bags and u think gosh when did i get those..hmm .. if thats not all there are thousands thing u want to see atonce only u knew in which bag u have packed .. lol...well thats what happened yesterday and after wasting half a day i decided that i shall unpack next weekend .. hope i do it this time.


Akanksha said...

congratulation and celeberations...
* does a happy jig *

treat? housewarming party?

*pouts sighs angles fr a party!*

Abhinav said...

akansha: if u know how to make Roti u are most welcome .. Sabzi we will make (we are actually very good cooks). Also Danish Vodka on the house for Vodka enthusiasts ;)

killer is i said...

hey dude ... congrats ...
Den is a kool name.
Packing and unpacking is very very boring and tedious thing .... spl for a lazy guy like me ;)
Anyways i hope u'll find every stuff when u'll unpack and some new 1 too ;)

Raj said...


I've moved twice now so I know what a pain it could be. Thankfully, I had my sis n bro-in-law and their car to help me in moving.

"The Den" sounds both apt and good.
Enjoy your new home!

Akanksha said...

even i can make sabzi only
roti banani nahin aati

oye chal bahar se mangwa lenge..

3 cheers fr vodka!!
hip hip hurray!
hip hip hurray!
hip hip hurray!

*gets sacred that she sounds like a drunk.. slinks away in shame*

Abhinav said...

killer: Thanx. I am myself hoping to find some "stuff" after 2 years ;)

raj: Yea man once everything is packed and my refrigerator is cleaned i will enjoy my new home a lot :)

akansha: Done yaar treat from my side but on one condition u will have to let me in IMT GH i somehow cud not get it out of my mind and unfortunately my senior has graduated :(
*puts on a good boy's face (which i am)*
alcohol to grls is strictly against my alcohol abt orange juice Madam?

Raj said...

Hey, I shud be invited to the party too. Sure I can't cook or get u into a GH but I'm a cool guy to hang out with (line shamelessly stolen from Appy Fizz ad :D).

Abhinav said...

raj: yea dude how can i forget u ... u were the first person to comment on my post and akansha's blog was the one where i accidently came to know abt blogging ... oops i have to write abt that too now

Rita said...

Well...its actually the other way round for me. Shifting is a huge cleaning exercise. I trash a lot of things I did not know existed. :P

Abhinav said...

rita: lol yea thats another way of looking but in the end its a pain for me :)

freeze said...

Ugh, i hate packing stuff too, but i love unpacking!

open all the bags and remove the stuff from the bags. ONLY then will u know where everything has to go! :P

Abhinav said...

freeze: nice idea .. first unpack them all and then pack them again coz half the things wudn't be needed on daily basis...uh! this damn packing and unpacking stuff..neways i am almost thru with my packing :)

ArChaNa said...

argh ... shifting.. its such a pain.. packing n unpacking.. i had a good share of it.. shifted twice in a span of 3 months.

anyways, thnx for dropping by my blog :)

Have a gr8 weekend!

Abhinav said...

archna: yup i am realizing it now coz its my first "real" shifting