Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time....What Time?

What is time? I guess many of us have forgotten the importance of time....i find it amusing ppl (read my cousin) saying "Bas yaar 5 min mein pahuch raha hoon" yaar kaise... plane hai kya jo 5 min mein koramangla se MG aa jaooge!
I wonder since when i am frustrated wid ppl who do not value time... be it in Office, Home or for that matter meeting a fren. We tend to take time for granted .... and on top of that we have IST ... which implicitly says ki if u have got to meet someone @ 7 pm so start from home @ 7. Man i have faced this situation many times and to my surprise ppl ask "yaar tu itni jaldi aa gaya"?
i am so frustrated with ppl not value time, i have started teaching them a lesson ... no no i have not started following IST instead if they do not show up within 15 min after the schedule time i just leave, yes its true be it work or personal matters i am following this and as a matter of face i am quite enjoying it.
"Abhinav, we have a meeting now...plz come over".... i replied the other day .... Oh! Boss but the meeting was @ 3 pm and nobody turned up and rite now i am too busy lets sit tomm. ... ha ha u cud have seen the Jabronis face.
Another incident .... there is this person, who for the last one year, consistently comes late to catch the mrng bus to work...this despite the bus always comes late .. Can u believe this!!!!
For the last one year ... almost Daily i get a call "Bus aa gayi kya?" .. "wait wait i am coming" .. and i have to bear the wrath of ppl already in the bus and have to look out the window where is madam .. madamji aayi ki nahin... My patience has run out finally (yup i am very patient .. i tolerated for one year).....these days i do not ask the driver to wait and jab "Madamji" ka call aata hai ki bus aa gayi kya? i simply say "Haan aur chali bhi gayi" .. Man i am so relieved these days fellow cab mates do not stare @ me these days.
Having said that, i do not take any pleasure that the poor grl misses the bus daily, also i am not saying that i am perfect i have also missed the cab once, however the point remains why ppl take time for granted? it is always better to be a minute early than a second late.
I wonder when we start believing "Punctuality is the Key to success".


Akanksha said...

i hate watches, time constraints and stuff but i also dnt like people waiting fr me so i make ita point to reach atleast a minute or so before time

the only time u get a lil late(arnd 5 mins) is when i have to casually meet up with friends.. i am tryin to get better at that but smhow i always end up oversleeping

*sheepish grin*

but i am sure as hell tryin to get better.. i try and put the alarm fr arnd 10 mins earlier
*beams with pride*

Abhinav said...

akansha: yea meeting frens is a different thing but still its good that u inform them u will be a bit late.
I am sure u are already becoming better :)

Akanksha said...
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Akanksha said...

thank u very much :)

and dude my name is akanksha not akansha

Abhinav said...

oops sorry thanx for pointing it to me :)

killer is i said...

Well, i m lazy guy who's alwayz late:D
Not alwayz, means sometimes when i m before or on time pplz says tu pehle kaise aa gaya. And yea, max time i m late for of my golden dreams and sleepin. Though i hate to wait :D
But yaar abhi tak to chalta hai coz nothing formal till now, i mean they wait for me @ bus stop. 5-10 mins late for colls, chalta hai. And u knw wat, we were ALWAYS late to colls and ALWAYZ enter in class after 10-15 mins ;) and alwayz ready with some or other bahana to enter in class and sleep in morn on last bench;)

freeze said...

gosh! I HATE to wait for others. And the thing is that i am ALWAYS on time. and i always wait for others for atleast half an hour... if a group of people are ging somewhere, then wait for 2 hrs. its just pathetic. maybe they dont have a value for their time, but they can atleast value others time and be on time. no one is asking them to be early, just be on time. i hate waiting for even 5 extra minutes.

maybe from next time i'll start doing what u do.. wait for sometime, and then leave. hehe :)

bablu said...

Its a real pain I agree Abhinav. I think I should follow your example and teach people a lesson in time management.

Abhinav said...

killer: yaar late kabhi nahin chalta collges are the best place to learn and value these things .

freeze: hope ur frens do not mind that :)

bablu: yea man go ahead, however all @ ur on risk :)

Amy said...

I know exactly how you feel!! It really gets on my nerves cause I'm naturally impatient and I hate waiting!! I mean, I'm one of those people who gets frustrated at having to stop for red lights! But I don't understand how some people can be constantly late!! It's a trait with some people. But oh well, I guess it just means they're laid back!

greensatya said...

In India not only people but not even trains, buses, planes, etc nothing runs on time.

In this country where I am everything runs perfectly according to time. And people, they are punctual to the exact minute, be it for office, meetings, or even parties.

Seeing the comments I find that everyone has said that they are punctual. So I guess we are improving.

Abhinav said...

amy: It's a trait with some people. yea it is :)
thanx for dropping by.

satya: true... we take IST for its literal meaning and take pride in it....Seeing the comments I find that everyone has said that they are punctual. So I guess we are improving. i hope so ..

Raj said...

I am generally on time but can be late once in a while which I think is okay. But yes I inform people abt it.

I think what you are doing now is something u shud have always done. If u make it clear that u dont like people being late, they will come on time. Thats how people function. And u dont have to feel bad for that girl. Its not okay to come late everyday.

Abhinav said...

Raj: yup informing ppl abt being late always help but as i said many of us take IST for its literal meaning.

Sara said...

wow...thats good...i gave my cab driver a nice one todays...waited patiently for the whole of last week...but cudnt control it further

SM said...

You are absolutely right.Keep some one Waiting can one of the worst thing.It's unfathomable to me,why can't people be on time.But then "different strokes for differetnt folks".

Abhinav said...

sara: lol it happens man ... but it is always good to be patient and hope things to get better otherwise go all guns blazing.

sharda: Keeping person waiting intentionally is wrong. However if there are circumstances where things are not in our hands the best thing to do is to communicate. Nothing works better than communication.
different strokes for differetnt folks
very true...Thanx for dropping by

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