Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movie Reviews

Past few months i have been watching movies every weekend. With so many big names every week to watch, it was too hard to resist.

This summer was full sequels but some of them were so disappointing that at one point thought ran in my mind was not to watch the sequels any more.

The biggest disappointment was Spider Man 3 which had glimse of some Hindi movies (way to go Bollywood).

Well following are the movies i watched lately and their "reviews" --

  1. Pirates of Caribbean At Worlds End: Having watched parts 1 and 2 just the previous day, i thought of passing this one but to my surprise i liked it very much, all credit goes to part 2 for being so boring.
  2. Shrek 3: Such a disappointment.
  3. Fantastic4 2: Its ok type of movie at time i felt i was sleeping but i didnt so its all good :)
  4. Oceans' 13: Same as PIC3, quite enjoyable after whoever have watched Oceans 12
  5. Transformers: Awesome ... graphics we amazing esp if u have watched this movie on a screen like this.
  6. Die Hard 4: Bruce Willis rocks!
  7. Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix: aah!! what can i say ... the book was better. Can't wait for the seventh book.
Some of you are figuring why there is no mention of hindi movies. Well i watched Chini Kum and what can i say, so i spared a mention of it here ...


Expression ! said...

I also loved Ocean -13.A good movie.George Clooney was great .

greensatya said...

What more to say about my pathetic life in Bangalore that I have seen only one movie of 2007 - 300


I don't watch bollywood movies

Sara said...

of these movies... i just watched Spiderman 3 and Transformers... the same opinion as urs...
Spiderman 3 - too many characters too many plots...
Transformers - thot it wud be a cartoon movie... but ended up enjoying it... good one...

Canary said...

Long time where are you?
BTW, Happy NEw year... :)