Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What happened ? is the question that comes to my mind (am sure in yours too) when i check my blog sometimes.

May be i just took an unintentional "break" from blogging. I guess its just not me, i see many blogs without activity.

Just to keep you posted guys, i do visit your blogs and comment on some who have updated post.

I will write soon about my Malaysia and Thailand trips which i just concluded last week.

so do keep coming back.


Raj said...

I think all of us have been through such unintentional long blogging breaks. Its just been a little too long in your case :P

Hope to read about the vacations soon!

killer is i said...

hey ...
I thought everyone left blogging except 1 or 2 ..
Even i had a big break .. i even stopped reading blogs, then 1 day i opened my blog read others and mine old posts and some more blogs .. and felt like start writing again.
So ... welcome back :-)

bablu said...

Welcome back Abhinav ! Me in the same boat as U !

Preeti said...

hey!! how r u doing ther???
by the way u hve been tagged... :-)