Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another "hit" from google - Chrome

Yesterday, during my customary first 15 min  time kill spree at work, i encountered a piece of news via Google (of course) , something called chrome. 

A new web browser, again??

No its not another web browser its by Google. Within few minutes i was reading the web magazine which was supposed to be a precursor for "normal" launch of this. As always i was impressed by the concepts they have used to make chrome a reality.

So from yesterday to today i read on several sites from what it will do to when it will be available for download to what are its cool features etc. etc.

I am using it for half a day now and i am impressed from the installation to browsing experience. However, contrary to being fast while streaming it sucks on my machine while loading videos from news sites. Firefox is way better and faster somehow. Is it me or someone else has also faced this?

However this post is not a review of chrome, sorry to disappoint some of you who were hoping it to be another review. This post is about my viewpoint about the views, reviews etc which have flown in the web world about chrome and I think can be generalized.

All the reviews I have read so far about this wonderful browser is just a paraphrasing of what the official website said. There is absolutely nothing new in these reviews. This brings me to raise a fundamental question about -- what are reviews for? And what the consumer/user looks for in the reviews?

Do we as consumers (or users) make our decision to buy (or try) new product on the basis of mere paraphrasing? Having said that, i agree that there are many good sites that actually provides data to support their reviews and are unbiased and so on.  But not all people spend hours in finding the right review that would suit their queries.

Well these are my thoughts for now.....

PS to old timers : I know I haven’t been blogging a lot .. and if you are puzzled about this confusing post .. So am I :P .. Thanks for dropping by. More to come soon.

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Anonymous said...

I know which sites have good reviews. And I think almost everyone has some "trusted" review sites which they use to make up their mind about something.

Hope to read more posts from u soon! :)