Sunday, October 05, 2008

How risk savvy are we?

These are turbulent times wherever we look, western economy’s is in mess, having great ramification on the growing economies like ours.

Reading news articles in past few weeks, seems like the worse effected sector is our IT industry.

Talking to my friends back home and it seems the scene is bad than year 2000/01. People are losing jobs and some say more to come especially for the banking and finance ODC's.

So this brings me to a question, how risk savvy our generation is? Some might ask what does risk has to do with this. Govt. sector is always considered the safe place for employment and private sector as a risky bet. IT sector being largely being private comes with risk with no job guarantee. 

We have reaped the benefit of booming IT industry in past few years, however are we now ready to bear the realty of working in private industry where hire and fire is the rule of the game. 

So are we ready to embrace it as reality in today’s India? looking at news pieces i rather dare not. Look what happened in Graziano Transmissioni case. Not the kind of image we would like to project of investor friendly India.

Somewhere i think we should all remind ourselves, "You win some you lose some". One way i think is to get out of that "conservative" shell and take calculated risks. I believe everyone should once in a while, where ever possible, take calculated risk. This will have cascading effect in my view with making oneself more confident, setting up example for our peers (may be) and more so that we would not be as worried as our pervious generation is whenever we discuss our "risky" strategy/moves.

Having said all that, i still believe in taking calculated risks and not wild unthoughtful risks, just to set the record straight.


preitz said...

ya i do agree to u..
think of the passed out guys n gals of 2008 batch, tho most of tem have got the offer letters, their joining letters are not yet confirmed. most of such population is idle now..
its not only the IT now, but the financial sectors as well i beleive..
wat ever it is... i wish this prob to end soon n see ppl smiling

rahul said...

well yes,I passed out this yr. and although I joined in aug, some of my friends in june,july too but for those selected in mass recuriters(read wipro,hcl) it's a long endless wait!!

nice blog.