Monday, April 13, 2009


Bungee: This was one thing I never imagined I will do on my short trip to Phuket last month. But I did it YAY!!

We came to Phuket unplanned, our flight back home being late in the evening, we had whole day with no plans and after checking out we headed straight to Jungle Bungee - Phuket.

On our way, sitting in Tuk Tuk, I thought to myself 50m...hmm.. its not that high. Is it? I asked my friend (B) hoping that he would say its high .. very very high .. lets head back and enjoy some coolers and Thai massage on beach :)

No coolers or massage served here mate.. just the jump.. take it or leave it.. That’s the look of the New Zealander who owned the place and he seemed in a hurry to push us from 50m high.

View from 50m above ground.

Looking up 50m .. eh .. its not that high .. a short glance at (B) and we were all set for our first Bungee. That’s when things start to get .. umm .. I would say exciting. After weighing in and some calibrations done it was time to get strapped in and man the guy was really nasty in tying my legs, it felt like this is the last time i am feeling my legs hurt. :)

All tied up!

50m high above from the ground doesn’t seem that high .. however it gets really scary as you move up and when you are there and man the only thing one appreciates is, how wonderful it was to be on ground, even more on a beach.

But there was no coming back from there.. I was up for the jump and very very scared. I wonder why people pay so much to jump down in water or ground as the case may be. It wasn’t the fear of height or the fear of water down below.. for some strange reason I was worried about my neck and that’s what got on my nerves as i reached the top and readied for the jump. On the way up, which was long 5 minutes, I got all the instructions from the jump master on how to execute the jump. (Easier said than done! Huh?)

Here i go .. wait!!

Standing on the jump platform I was scared but not as scared I use to be in my viva questions in undergrad.. but man it was still scary. And I must have been high this morning to pay to get on top here. After few failed attempts to jump myself, I realized that my time is running out and I need some help if I want to make the jump today. So without a doubt I asked my jump master "Why don’t you push me?" What happened next cannot be said so look at the picture below :)


Yes I was pushed by a guy 50m down.. but its not how you think :) In the end all I would say it was all worth it. Once you leave the ground below your feet its the excitement and boy I appreciated gravity. And yes if you are wondering I did touch water down below. The biggest take away from this experience is that in all my future bungee jumps I would need little more than encouragement to complete the jump ;)

Here is a tip for all of you who want to do bungee, JUMP don't THINK.. Happy Falling!


Purva said...

oh shit!!! i wanna go bungee jumping and sing Free Falling!!! M sure this was one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

FYI: Day before yesterday a guy in Bangalore died doing bungee jumping :(

Mark H ("Travel Wonders") said...

Good story. I have done it twice and found it a real buzz both times.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I so want to do it. I have to do it. You are really lucky :)

Purva said...

you seem to be a great traveler! do write about other places you've been to

Abhinav said...

Purva: Yes its been of the exciting moments. Yes i read the news as i was writing the post. its sad isn't?
Yes i love to travel and wish i had more time to travel. I am not sure if i have done any posts on Langkawi or Bangkok which i have visited in past years.

Mark: Yes the buzz is real and terrifying at the same time :) If i get a chance i would do it again but would still need a push :) Thanks for coming.

Raj: Thanks! Well whenever u have time and opportunity, go at it.

Freeze said...

I SO wanted to do bungee jumping before. But now I am too scared. After a "traumatic" experience.

also, read that poor guy's story where he jumped to his death when he tried reverse bungee jumping. Too scary, man! Really don't know how you managed! It was nice of the gut to have pushed you! :)

Raam Pyari said...

bungee jumping freaks me out!
brave are those who do it!

Ekta said...

hey congrats!
thats an achivement!...i did sky diving but cldnt do bungee!!

SO i know it quite an achievement....!

Meghaa said...

Oh My God, I felt the excitement as I read the each and every line... beautifully written... and bungee jumping is for sure in my list to do before I die.... fanatabulous... keep writing :)