Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Quit!!

Yes again!! seems like my stint with companies doesn't last as long as i wish for.

As per the "regulars" on my blog .. yes i quit without having a job again .. seems to be developing habit :P ( for those who are not aware of what i am talking about - read here)

I would be back with updates personal and general which i think i should be doing more frequently because i would have more free time :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are pretty gutsy! You are a pro at this now :P

I am sure you'll find something great pretty soon. Waiting for more info.

Btw, since you are the only loyal reader of my blog now, I wanna let you know that I'll be writing a new detailed post very soon. So keep checking! :)

Freeze said...

What made you quit?

Abhinav said...

Raj: Thanks yaar .. but i have not thought about future yet .. GMAT is the priority so would give it a go at that .. and yes i am still waiting reply on my query i had sent regarding GMAT prep but i guess ur quite busy with studies. waiting for your post.

Freeze: well lets just say my style of working didnt matched the frequency of my bosses' style of working... new post coming over weekend, i hope!