Sunday, August 23, 2009

What happened this time....

Wish i knew the answer!

To simply put i think its the differences in style of working that drove me to take bold step of calling in quit. I have always believed one should work in an environment where each day is enjoyable and challenging. I don't know its me or its the environment that changes every two or three years.

I would come up with another update soon. But for now all i can say is i think i made a very good decision, time will tell though.

Since am going to be free soon i would try to throw in full weight behind my GMAT prep and get it over with. Only then i plan to think about what i want to do.

Come back soon, i would keep you posted on how things turn out. i am guessing my reliving is not going to be smooth and am always up for challenges :D


Canary said...

Hey! So what's the update you said you will be posting? :) We are waiting? How's job hunting and GMAT'ing?

Purva said...

where art thou? long time no see